Teacher Sign In


Starting May 20th, Google Passwords and PowerSchool Password changes will be set to include the following requirements below in an effort to add additional protection to our district’s Google and PowerSchool account users.

Why Strong Password Policy Is Mandatory? Length of the password is now considered one of the most important attributes of a password with 10 characters being the new recommended minimum.
Password length. Minimum of 10 characters.
Strong password. Create your password using 10 characters or more. It can be any combination of letters, numbers, and symbols (ASCII characters).

What will happen on May 20th? The next sign in with your Google and PowerSchool accounts it will force you to change your password. As noted below we are electing to allow users to use the same password so if your password meets the strong password requirements it should allow you to reuse that password. If it doesn’t allow this do to unforeseen reasons please elect to change it slightly by adding either another character to your password or make one of the existing characters a capital letter.