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We are hearing reports that some students/parents believe they have been able to see next year's schedule. Please understand that NO SCHEDULE IS COMPLETE. What you may be seeing is the computer's most recent configuration of your student's schedule. Please do not get attached to any schedule that you may see before the official release date. Any pieces of schedule that you see before the official date will change many times. The computer is always working to find the best configuration for all students. We do not want any students to be upset thinking that they know their schedule, when in fact, it's very likely none of the current classes will be in the final schedule.

Parent Portal is open for access to Forms, including the All In One Form and Activities. Additional Icons will be open in late August.

Welcome to the Bozeman School District Parent Portal. For help with log-in, contact your school secretary for Username and Password. For technical problems contact Suzanne George at 406-522-6092 or email,

Bozeman School District Mobile Access Code: DFXT

Remember to click on the Contact Manager Icon while you are in Parent Portal. Contact Manager contains all information used to notify parents for general information, attendance and for emergency notification.